In Meal kits, Vegan by Sue Marshall

The Herby Hog Food Company has launched an innovative range of vegan products that offer plant-based ‘pig out flavours. Based in the North West, the food brand a launched range of five seasonings along with a vegan gravy mix in a resealable pouches. Blended in the UK, all Herby Hog products are 100% plant based. Flavours include Smoky Bacon, Spicy Chorizo, Bacon Maple & Black Pepper, Sausage & Sage and BBQ Pork. The gravy mix comes in a rich and Smoky Bacon flavour with the gravy range set to be extended later in the year. You can coat, rub, shake over or stir Herby Hog seasonings into your meals and, for the more involved ‘scratch cook’, Herby Hog gravy can be used as a base stock for soups, casseroles and stews as well as a pour-over gravy.

The full range

Sally Haydock, Marketing Manager at The Herby Hog Food Company, says, “Our range has been created to make it easier for consumers to add the delicious flavours of bacon, sausage, pork and chorizo to all types of food in a really convenient way as many of us are looking to eat less meat for a wide variety of environmental, ethical and health-related reasons.” There are ‘Herby Hacks’ on their website for quick and easy ways to liven up their meals along with a library of tasty vegan and vegetarian recipes to help anyone create meat-free meals. The Herby Hog range is priced at £2.99 for a 60g seasoning and £3.49 for a 75g gravy mix.