Three Seasons joins The Cambridge Distillery Collection

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Three Seasons Martini with Basil

William Lowe’s vision for the Distillery encapsulated in a range of ‘Firsts’. The Collection is a sensorial discovery through extraordinary ingredients from around the world: a unique collection of ground-breaking gins, often imitated, never equalled.

Anty Gin is the world’s first insect-based gin. A collaboration with pioneers in Nordic Cuisine to reinvent the gin experience for those bold enough to try something truly unique. The red wood ant is a rich source of formic acid which has a surprisingly tangy, citrus taste that perfectly complements wild botanicals including wood avens, nettle and alexanders seeds. The essence of 62 red wood ants individually distilled with these botanicals results in a ground-breaking gin brimming with sweet woody spice and tingly lemongrass.

Japanese Gin is the first gin made exclusively with Japanese Botanicals to complement the juniper base: refreshing yuzu peel, aromatic shiso leaf, toasted white sesame, and shanso pepper spice are carefully selected and individually distilled, to create a crisp dry gin, with green notes that perfectly capture the aromatic subtlety of the Japanese palate.

Truffle Gin is the world’s first digestif gin and is a complex and decadent indulgence, created with white truffle from Alba in Piedmont. This is a bold and surprising gin where traditional juniper perfectly complements rich earthy notes that evoke fresh pine. With its extremely long, expressive finish and unique rewarding taste, Truffle Gin is a fitting accompaniment to the finest of dining.

Three Seasons Gin whose elegance and finesse captures the English Garden through spring, summer and autumn. Created where dramatically changing seasons produce truly aromatic botanicals, the finest are selected to create an intense and complex spirit. These quintessentially English ingredients have been tailored to express themselves chronologically as they would throughout the seasons with the flavours evolving on the palate.

About William Lowe Master of Wine & Master Distiller, Cambridge Distillery

Gin production has remained almost completely unchanged since the mid-18th Century. Most are good. Some are very good. Wiliam wanted to achieve something outstanding. He started with a deep knowledge of ingredients, only using botanicals that are fresh and in season. He distils each botanical individually to achieve the perfect flavour. Temperature, timing and pressure are just three of the nine variables that he uses to tailor the treatment of each and every botanical, and has made blending gins an art form within the category.

William has worked within the drinks industry for 23 years and has taught over 10,000 individuals on the WSET Courses, twice being awarded WSET Educator of the Year. William is the first Master Distiller to ever become a Master of Wine.

Awards for The Cambridge Distillery Collection

Cambridge Distillery
Three Times Winner: Most Innovative Distillery in the World, (2015 with Anty Gin, WIBA, in 2016 with Watenshi, Drinks Business, and again in 2016 with Watenshi, WIBA)

Three Seasons
JUST ANNOUNCED: Gold Medal: China Wine and Spirits Awards Best Value 2021

Japanese Gin
Double Gold: Best Value at the China Wine and Spirits Awards 2017
International Gin of the Year, 2015 CWSA

Truffle Gin
Winner: Ultra Premium Category, Luxury Spirits Masters 2017

Anty Gin
World Beverage Innovation Awards 2015 – World’s most innovative beverage