Making Carbs Count began as a series of articles in, which is a free-to-receive online magazine which contains articles on all aspects of living with diabetes. With this website we are putting all of the articles in one place, for quick access to information, recipes and nutritional data on a wide range of food types and food items.

Carbohydrate counting is a tool which many people with diabetes use to help control their blood sugars, however the information contained here is just as useful to anyone interested in how their body interacts with foods. Understanding the carb content of foods can help with overall health, especially in relation to weight-management. Too much, or the wrong sort of carbs can add to weight gain.

Carbs are an important part of any foods eaten, but a little knowledge goes a long way, so our website is here to help focus in them. However, as with many things, carbohydrates can be complex, and found in surprising places – something as humble as lentils are a combination of carbohydrate and protein, so have a foot in either camp. While many foods are in fact low carb or have zero carbs, so can be eaten freely as part of a diabetic diet but other aspects of their make up (like fat content) might need to be taken into consideration.

We love our food, we just like to know what we’re eating.