Top up your vitamin D

In Vitamin D by James Anstee

While we’re in the depths of winter, nutritional therapist Julie Silver recommends using a supplement to top up our vitamin D levels, particularly during lockdown measures.

Says Silver: “I would recommend a Vitamin D-rich diet in light of coronavirus as there has been some evidence to support this fat-soluble vitamin has helped the immunity and lower rates of infection. It’s known as the sunshine vitamin, helping improve mood and, when you feel more positive, it helps to improve the immune system.”

She recommends trying to include naturally containing vitamin D foods, such as eggs and mushrooms in your diet over fortified cereals, milk, soya milk and orange juice, and choosing whole plant-based foods, complex carbohydrates and an array of colourful veg to help boost your immunity.

Supplementation may be the answer for some people working from home, not able or choosing to go outside in the sunlight. There are many vitamin D supplements on the market, such as the high-strength HuxD3 20,000iu Colecalciferol, which is halal and kosher certified, highly absorbable, and comes in gelatin-free capsules. Available at some health shops, including, from £4.95.