Shell shock

In Information by James Anstee

A reusable coffee cup made from rice husk is kind to both the soil and the seas. Made using an abundant waste material to create the cup, takeaway tea, coffee or hot chocolate can be that bit ‘greener’. The new reusable cup from Huskup is durable, dishwasher safe, yet is entirely free from plastic, BPAs and melamine. For those who hanker for an eco-friendly, caffeine fix, whether from a coffee shop or in your daily dash for the door each morning, a Huskup can help reduce the number of takeaway cups that are discarded each year in Britain, estimated to be 2.5 billion. The Huskup can also return to the earth at the end of its useful life, biodegrading fully through microbial action. Certified to European compostability standards (EN 13432), the cups can disintegrate naturally, possible even for seeds to germinate in the resulting compost.

Bath-based Huskup was founded in 2018 to harness one of the world’s most abundant food waste materials, the humble rice husk, to begin a new chapter in takeaway coffee by creating a cup that is both durable and biodegradable. Entirely plastic and toxin-free, the Huskup also contains no melamine or BPA, so no ‘nasties’ make their way from your cup to your drinks. These eco-friendly cups are also tough enough to take on the dishwasher and safe for reheating coffee in the microwave, but will simply decompose and return to the earth at the end of their lives. There are 12 designs created by independent artists and together are bringing takeaway coffee back down to earth. From £10.95.