Love-ly Jubbly

In Crisps by James Anstee

These Great Taste award-winning apple crisps are red all the way through to the centre and have a mouth-wateringly rich apple aroma. The flavour is sweet and tangy with the crispy, crunchy mouthfeel we have come to love from the Nim’s Fruit Crisp range. Once bitten, you’ll be smitten, they say. Made from sustainable Redlove apples that have been grown and air-dried (not fried) locally in Kent, before being delivered to a Tesco near you.

Nim’s core values are to bring a healthier alternative to the standard crisp while sneaking in a portion of your five-a-day. Why compare apples and oranges (or any other crunchy snack) when an apple a day will keep the doctor away? Nim’s crisps are created using fruit and vegetables which have been air-dried. The process uses no oils, chemicals or additives, just the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit. As a result, Nim’s produce virtually zero food waste. More than 80% of the fruit and veg used is grown in the UK, the majority is sourced within 40 miles of the factory. Nim’s is the brainchild of Nimisha Raja who was disenchanted by the lack of suitably healthy snacks on offer for toddlers (and their parents). Nim’s is an approved supplier to the NHS and already in an environment which is certified nut-free and gluten-free, certified vegan and Kosher.