Hot stuff from the frozen food aisle

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Welcome to our round up of goods to be found in the frozen food aisle that can make a BBQ rock. Meat and more, get the sauces and the buns out and get grilling, it’s burger time!

With socially distanced outdoor barbies utterly ‘a la mode’, one thing we’re not short of is tasty options for what to put on the coals. Field Fare’s MD, Karen Deans describes their frozen options saying, “Our response to the growing demand for veggie and vegan choices has been to seek out innovative, flavoursome products that are far from being meat ‘substitutions’. These are packed with spice combinations, flavours, textures, international influences and quality, satisfying ingredients. The current shortlisting of our Spicy Quinoa, Beetroot & Edamame Burger for a 2020 Veggie Award suggests that we’re on the right lines!

“The ultimate eco-over-achievers, both our Lentil & Vegetable Burgers and Quinoa, Beetroot & Edamame Burgersare sold individually for precise volumes, thereby reducing food waste and are packaging free. Simply scoop into field fare’s degradable bags (or, where offered by retailers), into the customer’s own reusable containers. The Lentil & Vegetable Burgers are low in fat, 40% being from protein-rich lentils. Then there’s some carrots and onion and a spice combination that includes cumin, garlic, cayenne pepper, coriander and black pepper for extra flavour. Slam in a bun or serve with a salad. RRP: 99p each burger (100g).

“Then there’s the vegan Quinoa, Beetroot & Edamame Burger which can be barbecued and can be sliced and served in wraps. A firm, flavoursome burger is both vegan and gluten free, with a punchy combination of spices including a warming hint of chilli and sprinkled with pumpkin seeds. RRP: £1.10p each burger (88g).”

Field Fare products can be found in 375 farm shops, garden centres, delis, zero-waste shops and butchers across the UK.


Super market!
Aldi supermarket has introduced a new Specially Selected Ultimate Burger made using prime cuts of British beef blended with bone marrow for a superior flavour and promising a full, rich taste sensation in every bite (£2.69 for pack of 2, 340g).

Meanwhile, the supermarket’s Halloumi Burgers and Halloumi Fries are back. The Specially Selected Halloumi Burgers are meat-free alternative made with thick slices of creamy Cypriot halloumi cheese, coated in a light, crisp, golden batter. These burgers go perfectly in a toasted brioche bun with fresh lettuce and a generous helping of sweet chilli jam. Similarly, the Halloumi Fries are perfect for dunking and dipping, to be enjoy with mayo, ketchup, or sweet chilli.

Then there’s Aldi’s Tempura Batter Fish Burgers. The Tasty Catch Co Tempura Batter Fish Burgers (£1.39, pack of 2). For just over £1 per burger, these are 100% fish fillet in a crispy tempura batter coating. Also available in Buttermilk or Southern Fried flavours.

12m Brits are predicted to be meat-free by the end of 2020.
Source: Finder, 27 April 2020