Grab & Go Edible Insects

In Insects by James Anstee

Edible insects, in the form of crunchy crickets, are available in all 23 Abokado stores across London. The whole crickets from Eat Grub* are available as part of the brand’s unique customisable range of toppings for customers purchasing all salads, poke bowls and hotpots. The sweet chilli and lime crunchy roasted crickets will complement new dishes such as the Nutritious Noodles salad range, Superbox salads and healthy all-day grazing pots. The insects will also be available in grab packets, along with the brand’s current range of impulse snacks such as nuts, edamame, popcorn and Popchips. The company said it had made the decision to stock the insects as an innovative new product, which is both nutritious and environmentally friendly, in line with its own core values. Eaten worldwide by around two billion people, insects are a significantly more environmentally friendly source of protein as their farming uses only a fraction of the land, water and feed required for traditional livestock. Insects are also estimated to release 80% less methane than cows. Edible insects are complete protein, contain all nine essential amino acids and include important minerals like iron and calcium. They’re good for gut health too.

*Eat Grub is a boundary-breaking sustainable food brand that aims to revolutionise Western food culture by introducing insects as a staple part of it. Products from this rapidly growing food start-up can now be found in over 700 stores across Europe including Sainsbury’s in the UK.