Everyone freeze!

In Fruit by James Anstee

Depending on how you like your heat, you could say that Colombia has a near perfect climate, blessed with all year-round sunshine which makes for wonderful fruit. However, by the time it’s shipped to the UK some of the flavour and nutritional value is lost.

At La Chiva Snacks the fruit is freeze-dried when the fruit is at its ripest, so these little snack bags bring the fabulous taste of Colombian fruit with absolutely nothing added or taken away. The process preserves all the goodness, turning mangoes, strawberries and pineapples into light and crispy snacks. Freeze drying fruit means it retains much more nutrients and flavour than alternative methods. Each pack has less than 40 calories.

In the Colombian countryside, Chiva buses are the only way to travel, taking workers to farms and fresh fruit to market. La Chiva Snacks is named for them as without them there would be no Colombian fruit to freeze, pack and sell. Currently available in Mango (10g), Strawberry (8g) and Pineapple (10g) for 89p per bag (also sold in packs).