Take a shot!

In Drinks by James Anstee

No.1 Living – the brainchild of rugby icon Jonny Wilkinson – has expanded its revitalising drinks with beneficial cultures. With the nation ever more conscious of their immunity, diet and overall mental and physical wellbeing, No.1 Living wanted to offer functional support and now includes a selection of functional Kombucha Health Shots and two new light and refreshing, sparkling Water Kefirs alongside its original bottled Kombucha.

More people are trying to live more healthily due to coronavirus; during lockdown consumers have prioritised food that is healthy and immunity-supporting. No.1 Living Kombucha Health Shots offer a quick and invigorating boost to functional health; starting with a kombucha base, already containing a range of organic acids, No.1 adds 2 billion active live cultures and a prebiotic fibre, which ensures each shot is formulated to be great for your gut health. The shots are further enhanced with vitamins and minerals carefully chosen to support normal gut, immune and brain health.

The Gut & Immune Kombucha Health Shot with Ginger, Grapefruit & Lemon and the Gut & Brain Kombucha Health Shot with Elderberry, Blueberry & Açai are 100% natural, low in sugar, vegan and come in sustainable mini glass bottles with recycled plastic labels. New Water Kefir flavours include a dairy-free alternative to milk-based kefir and a caffeine-free alternative to kombucha. Choose from aromatic Strawberry Water Kefir with Rhubarb and quenching Lemon Water Kefir with Yuzu & Mint.

Available from some supermarkets, Amazon and www.no1living.com.