Old Grain New Tricks

In Milk by James Anstee

The UK’s first alternative milk made from barley has been launched. An old grain with new tricks, Brighter Barley is full of fibre and nutrients as barley is arguably the original supergrain having sustained ancient civilisations since the Iron Age, including the Greeks, Egyptians and Romans who gave gladiators the name hordearii, or ‘eaters of barley’. But in the mid 19th century, it was supplanted by wheat, and has since been largely forgotten in the West for human consumption, despite being plentifully cultivated in the UK. The inaugural range of dairy-free shakes from Brighter Barley comes in three flavours: Salted Caramel, Chocolate and Coffee. They use no preservatives, have only all-natural ingredients and are vegan. A source of fibre while being low in fat, the drinks are high in calcium (providing 50% of the recommended daily intake), with added vitamins D and B12. The milk alternatives are made from organic barley grown on carefully sourced UK farms and ground at Shipton Mill and are packaged in recyclable, paperboard Tetra Pak cartons made from renewable FSC material. 330ml for RRP £1.69.