In Snacks by Sue Marshall

Simply Seedz has a range of ‘nutritionally savvy,’ home-fried snack nibble kits available in Seedy Gonzales (Tex Mex), Cheeky Tikka (Tikka Masala) and Trail Blaze (sticky BBQ). Each kit contains: 200g of ready-to-pop pumpkin seeds; a sumptuous seasoning; and a fool-proof list of easy-to-heed instructions.

The company already had a line of fine porridges. Founder Cathryn Zielinski said, “We felt that the time has come to tap into the growing movement for truly natural snacks that resonate with today’s expanding healthier-living audience. Lockdown has inevitably resulted in longer working hours from home, extended periods of desk-based stagnation, and heightened levels of impromptu snacking. It’s vital that we do our bit to bust the myth that snacking is guilty shortcoming because the right savoury treats could prevent illness by boosting immune systems. You may be unaware just what a nutritious pick-me-up pumpkin seeds are; they are full of Omega 6 fatty acids as well as iron, calcium, folate and beta-carotene. The simple, dry-fried process that the nibble kits require leads to the pleasant popping sounds of the seeds as they are heated.”