Monster munch

In Quinoa by James Anstee

Quinola’s newly rebranded BigYum monsters’ range of ready-to-eat organic plant-based children’s meals each contains one of your kid’s five vegetable servings a day, and tells an exciting story of planet-saving monsters.

Mealtimes are made easy for parents as the quinoa packs are ready to eat, organic, ethically sourced, plant-based, allergen-free and made with all-natural ingredients in three flavours: Mediterranean, Tex-Mex, or Thai. Ready-to-eat kids’ products are often filled with high amounts of sugar yet are deceivingly labelled ‘no added sugar’ as kids’ products don’t mention the high levels of natural fruit sugars that are added to sweeten the food. Quinola’s kids’ meals do not contain any added sugar or natural fruit sugars. These slow-release carbs are a perfect fuel source for busy kids. The BigYum monsters are now available online at Ocado, online and in-store at Sainsbury’s, in the baby aisle.