London Calling

In Yogurt by James Anstee

Tim’s Dairy was originally started by Euripides Nicolaou who was joined by Michael Timotheou, whose four sons – Chris, Peter, Bides and Tony – continue to run the business today. Founded in a Warren Street basement workroom in 1949 the yogurts were first delivered on a bicycle with a basket. This year saw the launch of the London Collection to celebrate the company’s 70th year as a family-run business. The range is inspired by this heritage and the exotic flavours and spices first shipped into the London docks from around the world. The Mango & Turmeric flavour is Greet-style bio-live, lactose free and made with pure natural ingredients. The tropical fruit flavour lends it a gentle sweetness with the merest hint of spice from the turmeric. Suitable for vegetarians, gluten free and free from artificial colours and flavours, it’s made with fresh pasteurised British cow’s milk and cream with 11g carbohydrate per 100g serving, or 16g per 150g pot.