Live Action

In Drinks by James Anstee

Genie Living Drinks range is packed full of probiotic cultures consisting of two distinct collections. First is the live fruit sodas, second is two flavours of kombucha. All Genie’s drinks are low calorie, have no added sugar or other nasties instead contain active cultures which help nourish the gut. The real fruit Live Sodas come in Original Orange and Lemon & Ginger flavours containing only natural ingredients and far healthier than traditional fizzy drinks, Genie Live Sodas are naturally low in calories with one serving providing over half the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C. The duo of fermented kombuchas are also packed with live cultures and come in Dry Apple and Crisp Citrus flavours one of the highest levels of live cultures of any kombucha in the UK. RRP £2.50 per 330ml glass bottle.

Joint founder of Genie Living Drinks, Alex Webster, said: “We’re all looking for those small adjustments which can make us healthier, be it a few more visits to the gym or to eat more vegetables. In creating Genie we wanted to bring healthier soft drinks to consumers that taste great while also delivering some health benefits. Boosting your gut with a drink that’s not high in sugar or additives is an easy way to do that especially if you like a fizzy drink for sheer enjoyment or are looking for an alternative to alcohol.”