Akuri-ous idea

In Wraps by James Anstee

Innovative food-to-go manufacturer Zinda Foods, has launched an award winning range of ready-to-eat wraps made with AirWraps as a base (instead of the usual tortilla base). AirWraps are a lighter, healthier and arguably tastier way to eat away from home. The new brand, created by founder Anishya Kumar, boasts a range of wraps with age-old recipes and as well as new bold and vibrant flavours developed with Michelin starred chef Alfred Prasad. AirWraps are handcrafted with all natural ingredients, no preservatives and no palm oil, making them thinner, lighter and softer than traditional wraps. They also contain less fat and salt. Flavours include Chicken Caesar, Mediterranean Feta Cheese, Moroccan Chicken, Spicy Tuna Slaw, Mexican Mole Pulled Pork as well as Egg Akuri AirWrap, which uses Parsi (Indo-Persian) eggs with a classic Akuri sauce – tomato, onion, ginger and turmeric with fresh coriander. The range boasts no red traffic lights; each AirWrap is low calorie, high protein and has one or more of your five a day. Zinda’s AirWrap was awarded a ‘Sammie’ for Most Innovative Sandwich Product by the British Sandwich Association in 2017.