In CBD by James Anstee

Entrepreneur Nick Boardman has launched a new range of CBD oils under the brand name Lizard Green. Boardman founded Rock Group PLC, which became one of the UK’s fastest-growing businesses in the late 2000s. He decided to launch a CBD oil business after using cannabis oil to treat his own anxiety and depression, and better cope with a hidden diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes.

Boardman said moving out of the tech space to cannabidiol was all down to the life-changing benefits from his personal use of CBD oils. He says, “I’m 48 years old. Two years ago, it basically hurt just to be alive. I’d been in a number of accidents – including a heavy motorcycle crash – earlier in my life and woke up every day with debilitating aches and pains. The physical pain eventually led to depression and anxiety. On top of that, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I’d heard about a couple of England rugby players using CBD oil for recovery, so I tried it myself. I’d heard it could also help regulate blood sugars for my diabetes. The aches and pains have all but gone, as has the depression and anxiety. I’ve never slept better in my entire life. CBD oil has without question changed the direction of my life.”