Waste not, want not with Field Fare

In News by Sue Marshall

Field Fare was launched 40 years ago with what was then the visionary idea of selling A-class fresh fruit and vegetables to independent retailers, foods that were frozen direct from the field and sold in a loose, scoop-and-serve format. The environmental boasts for this unprecedented model remain progressive and impressive, pioneering packaging and food waste reduction (and still improving on it). Field Fare is now launching new biodegradable bags for their frozen, loose-serve lines encouraging customers to use their own bags and containers where possible. They also have eco-credentials for the packaging of their ready meal range packaging.

Food waste, plastics and unnecessary packaging are big news. The Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan announced a new initiative this month from WRAP and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, to specifically tackle plastic packaging, with a promise to “achieve zero avoidable plastic waste by the end of 2042”. At Field Fare it has all been big news since 1977.

Chantal Plamondon and Jay Sinha, authors of Life Without Plastic, were quoted in the Mail online in February of this year saying, “Field Fare sells frozen fruit, vegetables and bakery goods loose from chest freezers at farm shops around the country. Field Fare encourages shoppers to take their own bags, so food can be decanted into freezeable containers when you get home.”

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