Vitamin D boost

In Drinks by Sue Marshall

Number1 water

A London-based beverage brand has launched a range of zero-calorie, zero sugar, tasty waters containing immune-boosting Vitamin D, along with 100%of the recommended daily amount (RDA) of Vitamin C, plus energy-enhancing Vitamins B5, B6 and B12. Number1 Water with Benefits offer cool, crisp, refreshing flavours – including coconut and lemon and lime – which are sugar- and calorie-free with no artificial colours or flavours to boot.

The launch comes as a group of professors campaign for Vitamin D to be included as part of a national strategy in the fight against COVID-19. Number1 founder Simon Gook said, “Our drinks deliver what today’s health-conscious consumers want – all the taste, healthy benefits, and without the sugar or high calories. They are a delicious way to boost the immune system and increase Vitamin D levels as recommended by many health professionals in the fight against COVID-19.”

Available from Holland & Barrett stores nationwide for £1.75 per 250ml can and at