Tuna poke bowls with seaweed furikake

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by Kate Doran, the blogger behind ‘The Little Loaf’, specialising in nostalgic baking recipes.

Hawaiian poke – pronounced poh-kay – are wonderfully quick and easy to throw together when you’re in the mood for sushi but don’t have time to fuss around rolling it up. The freshest tuna, avocado and raw vegetables nestle together in a bowl seasoned with toasted sesame seeds and nori to create a salty, creamy, crunchy explosion of flavour and texture.

Make these bowls with the best sushi-quality tuna you can find, or substitute another fatty fish like salmon. You can also mix up the grains, using quinoa, couscous or wild rice. Seaweed salad is another nice addition alongside the crunchy rainbow of veg.

Tuna poke bowls
To assemble
  1. Make the furikake, grind all of the ingredients to a fine powder in a pestle and mortar
  2. For the tuna poke, combine the soya sauce, sesame oil, lime juice, and ginger in a mixing bowl. Add the tuna, avocado, spring onion and coriander and mix to combine
  3. Divide the mixture between 2 bowls alongside a scoop of brown rice and the raw vegetables. Sprinkle over 2–3 teaspoons of furikake seasoning, or to taste, and serve
  4. These bowls are best eaten within an hour of making, otherwise the lime juice will start to ‘cook’ the tuna with its acidic juices


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