The Ultimate Fry-Up

In Breakfast by James Anstee

A new survey of 1,015 UK residents has revealed the nation’s favourite fry-up. The research, undertaken by luxury London hotelier Guoman Hotels, asked respondents to pick from seventeen different components to discover the most popular seven-item breakfast. The fry up was voted as the UK’s favourite breakfast after being chosen by one-third of those asked (32%). Second spot went to cereal with 14% of the vote. While the fry-up was voted the nation’s favourite breakfast, cereal is the most common morning meal, with over one-third (35%) saying it is their everyday choice. More than one-third (35%) of 16 to 34-year-olds are eating fried breakfasts once a week or more, compared to just one-quarter (26%) of over 55s. As many as 39% said that ketchup was their breakfast condiment of choice, compared to 26% who preferred brown sauce and 5% who said mayonnaise. Generation Z is killing off the brown sauce, with just 12% of 16 to 24-year-olds choosing it as the best breakfast condiment, compared to 35% of over 55s. Tea is the preferred fry-up beverage, chosen by over one-third of people (35%), beating coffee (26%) and orange juice (18%). The top picks for a seven-item fry-up were: bacon (74%); sausages (73%); beans (70%); Fried egg (65%); mushrooms (63%); toast (65%), and tomato (58%). The survey was undertaken so that the Guoman hotel group could confirm it was offering customers what they wanted for breakfast.