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In Meal kits, Vegan by Sue Marshall

The Herby Hog Food Company has launched an innovative range of vegan products that offer plant-based ‘pig out flavours’. Based in the North West, the food brand a launched range …

Three Seasons joins The Cambridge Distillery Collection

In Gin by Sue Marshall

William Lowe’s vision for the Distillery encapsulated in a range of ‘Firsts’. The Collection is a sensorial discovery through extraordinary ingredients from around the world: a unique collection of ground-breaking …


In Honey by Sue Marshall

Hilltop has unveiled a spicy twist on a favourite; a new Hot Honey infused with chillies. Containing just two ingredients, honey and chilli, Hot Honey is free from any additives …

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In Figs by Sue Marshall

How can we forget that Adam and Eve were said to have clothed themselves with fig leaves, though it was eating from an apple tree that got them thrown out of the Garden of …

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Citrus Fruits

In Food item, Information by Sue Marshall

Citrus fruits are quite a big group, including oranges, lemons, limes, clemantines, tangerines, satumas, mandarins, grapefruits, and pomelos. Their zingy fresh taste is reflected in their zesty colourful outers. They …

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Rhubarb Cake Recipe

In Recipes, Rhubarb by Sue Marshall

INGREDIENTS 2 large eggs 200g unrefined caster sugar 2 tsp ground ginger 130ml mellow yellow rapeseed oil 350g rhubarb chopped into approx 2cm pieces 175g plain flour 2 tsp baking …