Fancy a brew?

In Tea by James Anstee

Maybe with a splash of milk, let’s catch up on news about tea, coffee (including recyclable coffee pods and plastic-free reusable cups) and even tea-infused spirits over a cuppa!

The people of Britain are partial to a good cup of tea. Apparently, as a nation, we drink around 165 million cups of tea a day (according to the UK Tea and Infusions Association). That’s more than twice the estimated number of cups of coffee we swallow as a nation. Statistics from 2013 indicated we drank 70 million cups in a year (source: Gimoka Coffee UK), though judging by the burgeoning number of coffee shops, carts and other outlets (one inventive chappie is selling from a converted old, red telephone box), we’re drinking more of it than ever. What with Coca Cola buying up the UK’s Costa Coffee business in 2018 stating it needed to get a toehold in a growing market while also diversifying away from soda drinks as they lose popularity with shoppers.

Here are some recent movers and shakers in the UK’s hot drinks arena.