Embrace spice

In Cheese by James Anstee

Norseland is the number one British blended cheese supplier. It has redesigned its Mexicana cheese brand logo and packaging to show the versatility of the cheese, which has excellent cooking and melting qualities. Research confirmed that the black background was eye-catching with strong standout and recognition in store, so this was retained and enhanced. The brand logo was adjusted and modernised. The product variety was brought forward and colour coded. A ‘chilli window’ was created using a single chilli so the cheese could be seen on the front as well as on the back. Lisa Harrison, Senior Brand Manager from Norseland, says, “We are thrilled with the redesign of the Mexicana packaging. We tested each element of the design and copy so that we attract new consumers into the brand, whilst retaining our current loyal consumers. It is always important that the product stands out on the supermarket shelf and connects with its consumers visually.”

Mexicana has three variants, Original, Extra Hot and new Vegan. The cheese is sold on the deli and in the pre-pack aisle in most supermarkets in the UK in a range of different formats: half wheel, slices, block and minis. Norseland is a leading specialty cheese supplier based in Ilchester, Somerset. Its brands include Jarlsberg, Applewood, Mexicana, Ilchester, Applewood Vegan and Mexicana Vegan.