Catchfree Omega 3

In Omega 3 by James Anstee

CatchFree Omega, a full spectrum Omega-3 liquid, is the first health supplement in the world that not only offers vegans and vegetarians their daily dose of Omega-3s, vitamin D and vitamin K2 from plant-based sources, but can also be used as an ingredient in desserts, smoothies and salads.

Omega-3s are crucial for brain, heart, eye, and reproductive health. They optimise our brain function; improving focus, IQ and memory. They also have anti-inflammatory effects and have been shown to reduce the chance of dementia. Yet studies show most of the UK population, and especially vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians are commonly deficient in Omega-3s.

CatchFree Omega – Full spectrum Omega-3 Liquid and soft gel capsules are made from a blend of branded British-grown Ahiflower seed oil, Algarithm DHA derived from marine algae and the addition of MenaQ7 vitamin K2 and Vitashine vitamin D3. Naturally wild and now agriculturally grown, British Ahiflower contains a full spectrum of healthy fats such as ALA Omega-3, SDA Omega-3, and GLA Omega-6 fatty acids which can be made into an Omega-rich healthy oil with a higher quality and quantity of Omegas than any other seed oil ever produced.

The light Tropical Mango flavouring of CatchFree Omega 3 can be used in cooking. Nutritionist Pauline Cox has created several recipes with Catch Free Omega 3 Liquid CatchFree Omega -3 Liquid and Capsules are certified non-GMO by NSF and Vegan by the Vegetarian Society. It is available for home delivery at the recommended retail price of £29.99 for either 60 softgel capsules (2 months’ supply) or 125ml of mango-flavoured liquid.

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